Maioun Shoes

Recently I became the fortunate recipient of a unique and innovative product, something regrettably rare in the world of menswear. That product was Korean footwear brand Maioun’s customisable shoe. The goal of Maioun is to offer a shoe that the wearer can literally change at their leisure, and with relative easy. The way in which they make this possible is by taking classic shoe templates, in this case the monk strap, and adding a distinctive interchangeable outsole in a multitude of different colours. I opted for the interestingly titled Bat Black, a nice but subtle change from the incumbent jet black.

Despite being able to pull these shoes apart they are no shoddily made alternative to a luxury brand, but rather a skillfully manufactured product in a category all of their own, maybe custom traditional? We can work on the title. The main body itself is crafted from buffalo leather with a natural shine whilst the insole is an imported Portuguese cork that both aids in repelling dirt and stains and significantly reduces odors, I love the little things. Not only have they sourced these great materials but the artisans over at Maioun had over 25 years of experience prior to fashioning this particular footwear, always a comforting thought when buying from a brand that’s relatively new. If Monks aren’t your thing they also offer a Derby, Chelsea, Loafer, Wingtip and Chuckka. A pair of the shoes will hit you for about £120, the boots around £150 and the interchangeable outsole only £16. Certainly one to watch as they collaborate with bloggers from around the globe.

There’s a certain sparkle to Maioun, a freshness that’s as rare as the innovation that they display. Whether you’re in the market for new footwear or not it’s worth giving these guys a look.



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