IMG_5852Men’s fashion often relies on the details, the accessories, and a largely overlooked or at least under considered part of those details is the all-important category of eyewear. It’s more than likely that this is due to designer brands hiking up the prices of their product, or the retailer taking the opportunity to do the same. Despite the prices being what they are we still pay that fee because up until now the only way to get high quality prescription glasses is through that process, but it’s all changing. Glasgow’s newest and most unique label is Iolla, a Scottish eyewear brand answering prayers by providing a top of line, essential product with a price point that makes sense. Iolla up the quality and lower the cost by removing the middle man, designing in house and assembling here in Scotland. Not only does this improve price but it also keeps the brand close to the consumer around them allowing for a better understanding of what people want from their eyewear. The result is, if you’ll pardon the pun, a little more than just eye pleasing.


Sourcing the highest possible standard of acetates from Italy and the same standard of components from Germany ensures that the finished assembled product is exactly what today’s market is missing and, excitingly, what I was missing.

As an owner of the Livingstone glasses I can honestly say that Iolla’s promise of price meeting quality was kept.


The Livingstone’s visual is a modern take on a classic 70’s design with the Italian acetate placed across the top of the sturdy stainless steel frame with 5 tooth German made steel hinges securely closing that frame. Beautifully fitted titanium tips serve to finish off these Glasgow greats with the signature engraved Iolla logo being present. As with all their prescription eyewear the Livingstone features glare and scratch resistant lenses and a luxury leather carry case. To be perfectly honest I’d have been prepared to pay that hiked up price but unbelievably these will only set you back £65. The more I see from this brand the more impressed I am, an unwavering ethic and a, again, pardon the pun, incredible people pleasing vision is something I wish all brands would adopt, eyewear or otherwise. Iolla is about the consumer, they put us first and that’s an unfortunate modern rarity.



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