The Mallory – Nigel Cabourn


Nigel Cabourn is a man that deserves a world of credit for his beautifully thought out craftsmanship and I cannot think of a better menswear designer that’s themed work truly embodies British fashion. Sourcing inspiration from the past Cabourn dives into vintage, historical, and military clothing and surfaces with what he deems the most suitable for his eponymous brand. @nigel_cabourn had amassed a worldwide cult following than blossomed not only from his design but from his use of both Ventile and the ever growing Harris tweed, which is why the Japanese fashion conscious adore him. We could be discussing this man all day but let’s get to the classic Cabourn piece at hand. The Mallory jacket seen here, accompanied by the Mallory waistcoat, is a garment that was born from inspiration taken from the jackets worn by the 1924 Everest expedition team and was originally available in 2003. It was Renamed in the honour of George Mallory, a man who lost his life trying to scale the merciless mountain and remains one of the brands top designs. Brought to us in an astonishingly handsome featherweight Harris Tweed with water resistant Ventile shoulder and elbow patches and featuring four front button fastenings, two sizeable side pockets, removable throat tab and a bluffed chest pocket. The history behind this piece is enough to draw attention, though it has far more than just history on its side.

For some further reading on your shirt history, you can also check out this Shirt Guide. 


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